Doing Business in Argentina. Tax Overview

by Cristian E. Rosso Alba; This article includes a summarized description of the Argentine Tax framework in force during fiscal year 2017.
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Managing Corporate Taxation in Latin American Countries

by Cristian E. Rosso Alba; This article includes a summarized description of the Tax frameworks applicable in the seventeen largest countries of Latin America, from Mexico all the way south to Chile and Argentina..
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Argetina's Tax Amnesty Program and Tax Reform

by Cristian E. Rosso Alba; The Federal Executive Branch has sent to the Congress a tax amnesty package and a tax reform. The article delves into these news, while the Congressional debate takes place..
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What to Learn From Transfer Pricing Controversies in Argentina

by Cristian E. Rosso Alba; The document attached includes a summary of the lessons learned from more than ten years of experience in transfer-pricing tax controversy, a core practice of the firm.
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Argentina to Terminate Income Tax Teatries with Chile, Spain

by Cristian E. Rosso Alba; Argentina has made initial moves to terminate two more income tax treaties. The government on June 30 announced that it will terminate its tax treaty with Chile,1 and on July 16 it published in the official gazette the denouncement of its tax treaty with Spain.
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Tax Authority Extends Reporting Obligations to Foreign Trusts

by Cristian E. Rosso Alba; The Argentine Revenue Service (ARS) on April 19 published General Resolution 3312, which broadens the scope of the registration and reporting obligations (previously limited to domestic trusts) to target foreign trusts and other equivalent foreign structures that have a substantial nexus with an Argentine party (that is, when the settlor, trustee, or any beneficiary is located in Argentina).
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